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Flirty Girl Fitness

By | February 2, 2015

Strength Training.  Cardio.  Dance.  Kettle Bells.  Pole.  Yoga.  Pilates.  Boxing. OW!
We are sticking to our 2015 resolutions, starting with staying fit and eating clean. Obviously we would rather eat sprinkle donuts than swing kettle bells around, but we’re working hard to keep our focus on clean healthy bodies!
We paired up with Flirty Girl Fitness and set up our first pop-up shop inside their studio for a week this past January.  What’s better then lifting weights and shopping for clothes?  Ok, maybe donuts.  We were overwhelmed with the response from Flirty Girl’s members.  We had a fabulous week and hope to be back again soon!
Located at King and Portland, Flirty Girl offers a wide selection of classes with some serious trainers.   We quickly learned blood sweat and tears is a real thing!
Some of our favourite classes include:
Body Blast
Bikini Boot Camp
Abs, Legs, & Booty
Hottie Body Boxing
Hard Ass
Hip hop
Click here for their full schedule.
Check out Ashley’s workout routine – she means business!
image1-5image2-3 image3-3
Ashley is also pretty talented when it comes to boxing…watch for yourself

New Year’s 2015: Nicole’s Resolutions

By | January 6, 2015

2014 has been a whirlwind of exciting new adventures: 1. Helping to build fashiontruck canada in it’s first year of business and 2. Living in the city in an awesome condo with my wild and crazy roommate. Now bring on 2015!!

This year I want to focus on two things:

School: I am in my last semester at Humber College for Fashion Management. Graduation is quickly approaching – hopefully with Honours (fingers crossed)! Time to buckle down! School has always been challenging for me – to know I’ll be done in a few short months is not only exciting, but also a scary feeling. #therealworld

Meditation: This year I really need to learn to RELAX. I tend to stress, over think, and am constantly “on the go”. 2015 I need to find a happy medium. Taking up meditation is top on my list, along with my usual workout regime and eating clean.

LETS DO THIS 2015!!!

image image image

New Year’s 2015: Emily’s Resolutions

By | January 5, 2015

2014 was really good to me. I’m hoping for an even better 2015.

Balance:  I can be known to run myself ragged. #scatteredlife.  This year I want to make sure I have balance in my life: personally, mentally, physically and professionally.

Be Present:  I’m going to shut off and take a break from technology. My phone has become a 5th limb in a bad way. This year I want to be more present each day: read, breathe, laugh and love. Enjoy each moment and mentally be present in everything I do.


New Year’s 2015: Ashley’s Resolutions

By | January 4, 2015

2015 promises new adventure, big dreams, travel and so much more.

Check out Ashley’s list of resolutions:

Business: Going into our second year in business I will work harder and  dream bigger to make sure fashiontruck canada can grow and expand. I can’t wait to watch 2015 unfold for the #fashiontruck

Personal: Christmas was extra good to the waist line this year so I’m joining the long list of people striving to get super fit. I say this 4000 times a year, fingers crossed this time is a success.  (easier said then done, wish me luck)

To sum it up I want to be grateful, happy, laugh lots, travel, work hard and have a killer bod!
image image image