Nicole Wish list

This year Santa’s going to be one busy man with the items Nicole has on her Wish List…

Trip to Greece

My dream trip is to spend one month in Greece this summer, exploring the breath taking islands and falling in love with a tall, tanned, Greek God (a girl can dream…right)?


I love taking videos and pictures to document my trips and adventures; a GoPro is definitely key when capturing all those moments. Plus, it would be perfect for my Greece getaway ;)

Nike Free Trainers

I love working out and staying active.   The Nike Free comes in is so many tempting and fun colours – for a fashion loving girl like myself it’s hard to choose! Give me one of each please!

Chanel Boy Bag

Every girl loves bags, my dream bag is the gorgeous Chanel Boy Bag in black and silver.

It is truly perfection!


It might be time of give up my bulky, loud (and ugly) blender.  It wakes up my roommate every morning when making my breakfast smoothies – a Nurtribullet is definitely a must have!

Starbucks Gift Cards

A Starbucks a day keeps the doctor away! My obsession with Starbucks’ coffee is out of control.  Gift cards are a great way to still get my fix without breaking the bank.