Much like our first femme, #Eve, fashiontruck Canada is a free spirited boutique.

We’re boho with a love for glitter and sparkly things.

We’re not just a boutique on wheels, we’re a way of life.

Fashiontruck Canada was started by Ashley and Emily, two fashion loving friends.  These fashion vets saw a need for a new retail concept and jumped at the chance to get behind the wheel of a truck. Their first truck, Eve hits the streets of Toronto in March 2014. They love bringing their fabulous finds to festivals and concerts across Canada.  They’re taking the marketplace by storm and plan to open more mobile boutiques across Canada.

Keep your eye out for one popping up near you….just follow the trail of glitter.

Ashley Barber


Stylist, fashion buyer, entrepreneur.   Ashley is the creative genius behind fashiontruck Canada.  She is a Country loving city girl with a small town heart.   She is possibly the most friendly, classy and approachable person you’ll ever meet.  With a love for all things with style since forever, this fashion-forward style guru has a true passion to see everyone look great and feel amazing in their clothes.   Ashley is a genius when it comes to helping people discover their own personal style.  You’ll find Ashley looking effortlessly fabulous wearing: jeans and heels (and a statement necklace).