Spring is right around the corner (at least, we hope?) Regardless, we’'ll be ready
when it hits.
We opened for 2015 last week and the truck is stalked full of all our favourite
things: pretty lace tops, soft distressed knits, tropical inspired prints and sports
inspired everything.

Still to come - loads of denim, blush booties, jackets, heels, sandals, dresses and
so much more.

Check out a few of the trends that have us totally inspired this season:

“The Tropics”
Everything tropical is making its mark on this season’s trends.  From soft tropical
florals, to the bright 80’s inspired colour ways, we’'ve got a soft spot for each.
Check it out:

"The Clutch”" - Girls Night Out?

"“The Tanks”” - The perfect match for your denim shorts

“"The Top””  - Just because it's so cute. We think distressed denim is the perfect 
match for this blouse. 

The Neutrals”
The line up of Neutrals this season screams calm, cool and collected. This trend
says “you’ve totally got it together in an understated way.” Check out a few of 
our favorites from this cool collection.

"The Line Up”" - A few of the neutrals currently available on the fashiontruck

"The Boyfriend Blazer" - The perfect over-sized blazer.  We’re obsessed!

"Lush Kimono Tee with Mini Bag" - Soft and subtle.

"Lush Printed Blouse" - For work or play.  Preferably play...

"Casual Girlie Layers" - Soft and subtle.

Stay tuned as more of our favourites start to roll in. Don't forget to follow 
us on Instagram: @fashiontruckcanada, twitter: @fashiontruckcda and
on Facebook: Fashion Truck Canada for daily updates on locations, special 
events and new arrivals.

The FTC girls.