This winter is one of the coldest. Nothing is worse then chapped lips, dry skin, and ugly hair. We don’t take any of these things lightly. This Winter we were proactive and invested in skin and hair products that would protect us from the cold.

Here are our tips:

Step up the moisture: As the air drops below negative zero, our hair tends to dry out. Use a deep moisturizing mask at least once a week to replenish your hair.

6802640_320x385$6.99 – Local drug stores

Dry Skin – Eww: Protect your skin! If you think doubling up on moisturizer will solve your dry skin problems…you’re wrong (sorry)! Purchase products that have aquaphor to boost the skin with an extra layer of protection. If you can’t find any aquaphor products at your local drug store try oil-based creams – they will do the job just as well!


$102.00 – Specialty stores

Kiss those dry lips goodbye: Don’t let your smile suffer from chapped lips. Products like Kiehl’s easily absorb into your lips, kissing dry lips goodbye. Ingredients including aloe and Vitamin A and E go to work to relieve and protect.

5482e77b086cf_-_mcx-winter-lips-kiehls-lip-balm-s2$7 – Local drug stores